Our Vision

To become the excellant divisional secretariat through good governance.

Our Mission

Rendering services adhere to government policies, coordinate of resources and uplift the community life through sustainable planned development process with civil participation.

Divisional Secretariat of Kundasale which is characterized by the complex features of the 20 Divisional Secretariats of the district, which is the main district of the Central Province in Sri Lanka.

Boundries of Kundasale Divisional Secretariat are 
From North - Panwila Divisional Secretariat,
From East - Medadumbara Divisional Secretariat,
From South - Gangawata Korale Divisional Secretariat,
From the Western, Pathadumbara Divisional Secretariat.
The division has a land area of ​​85.8 square kilometers and for the convenience of administration, 80 Grama Niladhari divisions are divided. There are 263 villages in these Grama Niladari Divisions.
In the year 2017, the population is 140,299, the male population is 67989 and the female population is 72310. The population is overweight due to the fact that the Kundasale suburban area is 16 km away from the city.In addition to that, a large number of state institutions including Pallekele Industrial Estate, Industrial Estate, Main Secretariat, International Cricket Stadium, International Buddhist Center, Sri Lanka Police Hospital, Provincial Ayurvedic Hospital have been established, Therefore Physical infrastructures such as roads, drinking water, electricity and communication facilities has been developed in this division.
The average annual rainfall is about 21.25 mm and the average annual temperature is between 25.25 - 27 degrees Celsius. Historically significant places such as Galamuduwa Rajamaha Viharaya, Debalodoruwa Rajamaha Viharaya and Kundasale Rajamaha Viharaya can be identified as such. Nissdal Waterfall, Narampanawa Swimming Pool can be described as ecological aesthetics.
Stone resources such as dolomite and granite have been found as natural resources, while brass ware, flax industry and wood carving showcases traditional arts. Development of physical, economic and social infrastructure, development of religious development and social welfare facilities, primarily in the overall development activities.There are 39 schools in the division, 30 Sinhala medium schools and 07 schools in Tamil medium. Of these, there are 02 National Schools, 1 Central College, 15 Maha Vidyalaya, 13 Junior School, 04 Primary School and 02 International Schools. There are 1 National Colleges of Education and 1 Police Training College.
Today, there is a rapidly urbanized area in this division where there are several important international sites. The Pallekele International Cricket Ground and the International Buddhist Center are prominent. The Pallekele Ayurveda hospital too is internationally recognized. Pallekele Industrial Estate is also a major contributor to the national economy.

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71 වන නිදහස් සැමරුම් උළෙල

71 වන නිදහස් සැමරුම් උළෙලට සමගාමිව නව...

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